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4210 W. Craig Rd. #104

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“I hated going to the dentist but Dr. Chris has updated techniques that minimizes discomfort during procedures and now I do not mind getting my cleanings and procedures done on a regular basis. Very knowledgeable dentist and great staff.”

Tony V.

“I could not go without writing a review on my experience with Dr. Trinh. I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Trinh’s for many years … over ten years to be exact. Dr. Trinh has always seen me no matter what the occasion urgent or not. He makes sure to make me feel comfortable and more importantly valued as a patient. I understand that dentist will accommodate patients but Dr. Trinh goes above and beyond. Scheduling to see him is never an issue and his staff are always so happy see my family and me. Not many can say they look forward to seeing their dentist but I can. My kids are always happy to see him because they know that he looks out for them and they don’t ever want to disappoint him by getting a cavity. Today Dr. Trinh impressed us even more. My husband whom is not a loyal client of Dr Trinh lost his front top tooth while eating a spare rib and didn’t know what to do. He avoids dentist due to an accident that he had as a young adult. He had shattered his jaw due to the accident and after many oral surgeries and dentist visits he avoids seeing dentist at all cost even dentist as great as Dr. Trinh. I made a call to Dr. Trinh to see if he could see my husband and without hesitation said he would meet us in the office in 15 minutes. This occurred after hours at around 7:30pm. Dr Trinh met us there with groceries in hand since he had been grocery shopping after a long day at work and had not even made it home yet. He not only worked on my husband for hours he scheduled an appointment with another specialist who would be performing my husbands permanent implant. Dr. Trinh even offered to assist the periodontist or implant specialist after hours the next day; which was the date of the scheduled implant. I’m beyond grateful to Dr. Trinh and will remain a loyal customer for as long as he is practicing. ”

Veronica S.

“My family has been coming to see Dr. Trinh for years. I have had worse experiences somewhere else to know what a caring and dedicated dentist he is. He accommodates my schedule when my family needs him for a toothache or when my family comes in to town for only a short amount of time. It made me feel special. The work that he did always turns out great. No pain.
My family wouldn’t go anywhere else after we have Dr. Trinh as our dentist.”

Melanie M.

“I moved to Vegas almost 4 years ago, and I didn’t have a dentist , to be honest I didn’t want nothing to do with them. But I was refer to Dr. Trinh by a very good friend, he spoke wonder about him, but I still wasn’t sure.
Anyway, my and my wife called for an appointment, the receptionist was very professional and friendly and we scheduled our appointment. We got there, an man! we will not change him nor his personal for nothing in the world. In simple words, he knows what he is doing but better yet, if he isn’t sure he will double and even triple check until he is definitely sure of what he will do.
I have enjoyed all my visits, but of course there is a little of discomfort, but come on, what do you expect where there are needles involve…LOL I am looking forward to my next appointment with them. Keep the great job.”

Andres R.